Friday, October 21, 2011

The Engagement Story

Eric and I had been planning for our families to come visit the week of Labor Day, we had the week off of work and thought it would be a good idea for them to meet for the first time. We decided to have them fly out on Tuesday, the day after Labor Day so we could have the long weekend to relax and get ready for visitors. On the Friday before the weekend, Eric asked me what our plans were and I said not much since we agreed we were not doing anything. I told him I just had some errands to run on Saturday. He asked it I could be done by 11am, I said of course.

The next day I left early in the morning to get stuff done, sneaking in a manicure (just in case). I got home right around 11am and Eric told me to pack a bag for the weekend, he was taking me away on a surprise trip. I definitely was surprised! He wouldn't tell me anything....

An hour later we got in the car and headed to the surprise destination. The only hint I got was that it was some place I had never been. He also said he had made dinner reservations for 8:30 so I knew it was less than 8 hours away. 6 hours later we were in Morro Bay, California. It was beautiful! Eric booked us a room in a small Inn over looking the water. We got settled in and went for a walk on the beach to watch the sunset. We moved around a few times because it was a bit cloudy there but finally found a spot on the rocks. Eric pulled a small box out of his backpack and proposed!

It was perfect, the ring, the words (even though neither of us remember exactly what was said) and the setting. After all that and a couple quick phone calls we had to hurry back to make our dinner reservation which was also at the Inn we were staying at. We went to the restaurant where I noticed the owner looking at my hand, he congratulated us and sat us at their best table and gave us our menus. Inside the menu under appetizers was "The fture Mr. and Mrs. Forand - Priceless", yes you read that right "fture". Eric did not plan that part, it was a nice surprise from the hotel. As I have said before, my life is like a Seinfeld episode and that about summed it up.

That coupled with the bottle of Dom Perignon Eric had chilling in our room was the best night of my life so far! And what I think is the best proposal in history!

The next big adventure

It has been a while since I posted anything, mainly because we have only traveled back to our home states to visit. Not that Michigan and Connecticut are not exciting but we have all heard about those places.

I decided to turn this into a blog about the newest adventure in my life getting married! We probably won't be traveling much this year since we are saving for a wedding and I would like to keep it going. We have been engaged for 7 weeks now and have 358 days until the wedding, well at least the first one.... Which is why I decided this could be somewhat interesting. Stay tuned for the engagement story.