Thursday, December 30, 2010

Impromptu NYE trip

Even though we are trying to save money for the big trip we just couldn't go a whole 2 1/2 weeks of Eric's Christmas break without going somewhere, especially when we are already in trip more. We planned on taking the boat to Catalina Island but the heavy rains here in L.A. have put a damper on that trip. Next Eric had the great idea of going winter camping, since I had never been to Joshua Tree I thought it was a good idea. As of Wednesday, we realized how cold it would actually be, especially in the desert. I still really wanted to see Joshua Tree at least for the day, so we are bringing in our 2011 in Palm Springs.... Happy New Year all!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little taste of Asia today

Today we took our friends to Little Tokyo for noodles. We have been going pretty frequently to gear up for the trip, not really we like the food and it's only 10 minutes from us but it's more of an excuse. We have been learning the Asian culture, tips of the day put your chop sticks on your bowl never stab your food and it is frowned upon the eat with your left hand since apparently that is the hand people think you use to wipe your ass. Just a thought if you are right handed, wouldn't you use that hand???? I have a hard enough time using chop sticks as it is now I have to become ambidextrous.

The hard part is over

So we braved the travel clinic with a total of 7 shots and have only 1 more visit a week before the trip for 3 more shots. Then 6 months from then we go for 1 more booster each for Hep B. I was sick so couldn't get the flu shot last week. Not bad, especially since the shots we thought we needed were more expensive. Apparently there has been outbreaks of Polio so that vaccine is recommended again.

Anyways onto the fun stuff..... Today we booked the flights, we are flying into Bangkok, Thailand and out of Hanoi, Vietnam. We also realized that we basically have a day in Tokyo, Japan on the way back so we are looking into what we can do there without missing our return flight.

Now that we spent the bulk of the money for the trip the fun begins..... We have been checking out the phrase book learning how to say the standard phrases. Basically How much? and Where's the bathroom and Beer.... That seems to be what we used most in Central America. Although I had a Spanish background going there, I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of pointing on this trip.

Also, we have been going through our Lonely Planet guide book and highlighting what we want to do. I want to take a Thai or Vietnamese cooking class and of course a yoga class. Eric wants to snorkel and dive. He did get me a set of fins and a snorkel so I guess I will be joining him. We will keep reading.....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

So we have a plan...

So, how's that saying go? A good plan today is better than, well, I don't know.

We just finished outlining a plan for this trip to SE Asia this afternoon. We also realized we really do need 5 weeks, or at least that's what we talked ourselves into. As we all know, a plan is well, just that, a plan, so who knows where we'll actually end up between Bangkok and Hanoi, but here's an idea!

:-) e

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Travel Clinic

Today we are heading to the travel clinic in Long Beach. We need to get the booster for the Hep A vaccine we got last year before Central America. We are debating about what other vaccines we need. The CDC has like 4 or 5 recommended ones, although we have 2 of them already. These add up fast.... Yellow fever is not needed unless we are getting a visa for Vietnam which it looks like we are. Japanese Encephalitis is recommended if we are traveling to rural areas, it's carried by mosquitos along with Malaria. It looks like we are spending more money before we go then we will when we are actually there. I have been asking people who have traveled there and so far 3 out of 3 didn't get anything except maybe yellow fever and one is a doctor.

The good thing about the clinic is they sit down with you and check the areas you are traveling to to make sure there are no outbreaks of anything. Also, they give you a flu shot free with any vaccine and a prescription for Malaria medication and for antibiotics. I highly recommend checking one out if you plan o doing any kind of traveling like this. We will see how it goes......

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Christmas!

Next Big Trip!

So Eric and I are trying figure out our next trip. Anyone working in the film industry knows everything in our lives is subject to change but we are closing in on leaving end of January early February and being out of the states for at least 4 weeks.

We are narrowing our destination down to South East Asia. While 4 weeks may sound like a long time, when you have several travel days spent on a train or a bus it kind of limits your vacation days at the actual destination. Don't get me wrong I loved some of our travel days through Central America they can just be draining. We are looking at flying into Bangkok, Thailand our options from there are heading north to Laos and Vietnam, east to Cambodia then Vietnam or south to the beaches then Malaysia and Singapore. Please let me know if anyone has traveled to any of these places.