Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The hard part is over

So we braved the travel clinic with a total of 7 shots and have only 1 more visit a week before the trip for 3 more shots. Then 6 months from then we go for 1 more booster each for Hep B. I was sick so couldn't get the flu shot last week. Not bad, especially since the shots we thought we needed were more expensive. Apparently there has been outbreaks of Polio so that vaccine is recommended again.

Anyways onto the fun stuff..... Today we booked the flights, we are flying into Bangkok, Thailand and out of Hanoi, Vietnam. We also realized that we basically have a day in Tokyo, Japan on the way back so we are looking into what we can do there without missing our return flight.

Now that we spent the bulk of the money for the trip the fun begins..... We have been checking out the phrase book learning how to say the standard phrases. Basically How much? and Where's the bathroom and Beer.... That seems to be what we used most in Central America. Although I had a Spanish background going there, I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of pointing on this trip.

Also, we have been going through our Lonely Planet guide book and highlighting what we want to do. I want to take a Thai or Vietnamese cooking class and of course a yoga class. Eric wants to snorkel and dive. He did get me a set of fins and a snorkel so I guess I will be joining him. We will keep reading.....

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