Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Next Big Trip!

So Eric and I are trying figure out our next trip. Anyone working in the film industry knows everything in our lives is subject to change but we are closing in on leaving end of January early February and being out of the states for at least 4 weeks.

We are narrowing our destination down to South East Asia. While 4 weeks may sound like a long time, when you have several travel days spent on a train or a bus it kind of limits your vacation days at the actual destination. Don't get me wrong I loved some of our travel days through Central America they can just be draining. We are looking at flying into Bangkok, Thailand our options from there are heading north to Laos and Vietnam, east to Cambodia then Vietnam or south to the beaches then Malaysia and Singapore. Please let me know if anyone has traveled to any of these places.


  1. Very excited about it baby!

  2. I've never been to Asia; however, I used to work for someone who went there frequently for business and he always used to say that you really need to know your "etiquettes" in Singapore..."Don't spit on the sidewalk, or you'll be in big trouble with the law there." - Sue F.