Thursday, December 23, 2010

Travel Clinic

Today we are heading to the travel clinic in Long Beach. We need to get the booster for the Hep A vaccine we got last year before Central America. We are debating about what other vaccines we need. The CDC has like 4 or 5 recommended ones, although we have 2 of them already. These add up fast.... Yellow fever is not needed unless we are getting a visa for Vietnam which it looks like we are. Japanese Encephalitis is recommended if we are traveling to rural areas, it's carried by mosquitos along with Malaria. It looks like we are spending more money before we go then we will when we are actually there. I have been asking people who have traveled there and so far 3 out of 3 didn't get anything except maybe yellow fever and one is a doctor.

The good thing about the clinic is they sit down with you and check the areas you are traveling to to make sure there are no outbreaks of anything. Also, they give you a flu shot free with any vaccine and a prescription for Malaria medication and for antibiotics. I highly recommend checking one out if you plan o doing any kind of traveling like this. We will see how it goes......

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