Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend trip to Michigan & so much more......

Hello blog followers... It has been a while but that is what happens when you go back to work. Although my writer friends would say that is not an excuse.

This weekend I went back to Michigan (my hometown) I flew out on the redeye flight from LAX and landed in Michigan at 6:30am EST. I won't even get into my experience with Spirit Airlines (whom I will never fly with again) but let's just say it was very unpleasant. I got very little sleep on the plane, thank god for the very large glass of $14 wine from the sports bar at LAX or I would have gotten much less.... It started with my uncle (my godfather) picking me up at the god awful hour I arrived with coffee and McDonalds breakfast. I had been so used to waiting at the airport for someone to pick me up at a more reasonable time that I forgot how nice it was for someone to be there waiting when I landed. Thanks Uncle Rick! Then it was off to mom's, it had been 9 months since my last visit so I was really looking forward to this trip. Had more coffee and gave mom her gifts from my S.E. Asia trip and her mother's day present and just caught up a bit.

We headed to the store around 10am to get things ready for the grand opening gala of her new store TaraMaria Fashion Boutique. This was the main reason for my trip, mother's day was just a bonus. It was a success! From 12-6pm it was non-stop, packed with family, friends and strangers checking it out. I got to see people I have not seen in a long time, some even years! I also got to see my friends and some new additions to the family. I was so happy and so proud of my mom for finally fulfilling her dream! It's a ton of work and she is still working her regular full-time job but after this weekend we could see the potential the store has.

After the opening I headed to a friend's house for her son's 2nd birthday (actually this was the after party) and a few other friend's were there. One thing I have learned over the years is that no matter how much time goes by, no matter what ups and downs you may have and how far away you may be the friends you had way before life took over are the friends you will always have and love. I also realized how lucky I am! I have my 2 best friends who have been with me through the years and I also have my good friends who we maybe grew apart during a time when peoples lives were going in different directions but as I sat at the table talking and laughing with them it was as if we never missed a beat. I am lucky because I have the best of both worlds, I have great new friends out here in California, some who have become like family and some actual family but I have the real true friends back in Michigan (and Ohio). The ones that loved you back then, when you had a perm, braces, obsessed with 90210, loved the Beastie Boys and totally disregarded anyone's advice when it came to dating. We may now have better hair, straighter teeth, not so into the new 90210 (because let's be honest no one can replace Dylan McKay) but we still love the Beastie Boys and well for the most part evolved from the dating debacles but will be there for each other if bad decisions are made. It all comes down to people who have shared most of the memories you have with. To quote OAR "When in the end we can all call a friend, well that's something I know is true. And then a thousand years and a thousand tears I'll come back to my original crew"

I heard my friend who was also celebrating her 10 year anniversary and my mom both say that in that weekend they saw all their bridesmaids. I can only hope that in ten and twenty-six years I can say the same thing.

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