Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Angkor Wat

The temlples of Angkor Wat capital of Cambodia's ancient Khmer empire, the largest reigious building in the world, said to be the 8th wonder of the world but so was Andre the Giant so who really knows..... It is beautiful and amazing! We spent 3 days here and still did not see everything. We even watched the sunrise over Angkor Wat (the largest temple) which is a must do even if it is at 5:30am. Our hotel set us up with Tut our tuk-tuk driver for the 3 days. He showed us around and even took us to some more remote temples. He drove us from place to place then waited outside until we were done. He was awesome! He could spot us out of the crowds of people from anywhere. I couldn't believe how after thousands of years some of these temples looked so prestine. The carvings were amazing and so detailed, some of them even told stories. Most were shrines to the king and queen or Budha. At some point Hindus took over and defaced the Budhas in some temples, Budhists could not repair all the damage after they tok back control so some are just altered. It is very interesting. I mean they are stone carvings, it's not like you can just paint over it that easy.... They also had sacred "Lingas" they were phalic shaped sculptures that when water ran through them they believed they fertilized the land and that the water was magical. So basically we can blame budhists for men being so full of themselves.

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