Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year!

2011 the year of the Rabbit who knew all of Asia celebrated it? This meant the Vietnamese Embassy was closed for a week. Seriousy, Americans are lucky if we get 1 day off..... This also meant our plans for getting our visas in Thailand had to be postponed. That was ok since we headed south for the week. Back in Bangkok, we had to venture to the embassy yesterday to hope to get them by Friday, otherwise we would be here for another 3 days.  You get a little nervous when you have to leave your passport for the day, maybe the weekend seeingas it is the only thing that can get you anything in another country. We said or prayers and headed to Siam Square by sky train to hang for the rest of the day.

Early this morning we visited the floating market, this was definiely a sight to see. It was amazing to see these woman cooking full meals in a tiny wood boat. A 2 hour bus ride from Bangkok but worth it! What we didn't plan was the ride back taking much longer. The embassy closed at 4:30 and traffic is worse here then in L.A. We got there at 4pm! It worked out and we are headed to Cambodia in the morning.

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