Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Last Big Hurrah...

In 2 hours we depart Hue' and head to Hanoi. We have about a 16 hour train ride in a berth with 2 sets of bunkbeds. This is also our last tavel day/ night since we fly out of Hanoi on Monday. I am not sure what I am more excited about the actual train ride or knowing that it is taking me to the place I head home from...... It is funny the things you look forward to and the things you miss or don't miss. Like I can not wait to have a salad! I also look forward to wearing some different clothes.You can imagine how many outfit choices you have when traveling with a backpack that is smaller then my carry-on suit case I take home to Michigan for a long weekend. If I don't ever see my linen capris until my next trip, I will live a happy life. Suprisingly I do not miss my cell phone, this is the longest I have gone in about 15 years (since I have had a cell phone) without talking on the phone. I am however addicted to skype! I look forward to grocery shopping and cooking at home. I watched Julia and Juile twice on ths trip and it inspired me to write more and to cook more. Specifically to buy Julia Child's French cookbook and learn from that. I do not necessarily miss driving but I do miss having the freedom to come and go as I please. Things are so limited here. While it makes you reaize how simple you can live, you also appreciate what you have. I love that we have traffic laws and that you are not allowed to smoke anywhere!

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  1. I agree with you on the smoking...we were in the Dominican Republic only 1 week and I couldn't wait to go where there was no smoking. I'm old enough to remember when smoking in the work place (office setting) was the norm. I'm very happy that in most places in our country smoking is prohibited.

    Can't wait to talk to you guys. I've really enjoyed our Skype conversations!

    Enjoy your train ride!