Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1 week out!

So we leave in a week! I am done with work, Eric is finishing up. This week is all about last minute running around; picking up prescriptions which we are finding out is a bit of a pain, getting the remaining toiletries, making a schedule for someone to get our mail and feed the cat. Not as much on our "to do" list as we thought so for me it's all about getting the everyday things done. That is what stresses me out, I have to have the house clean, all laundry done, all our bills paid and scanning and emailing all our documents to our parents so in case of an emergency some one has our info.

We looked at the travel journal from the Central America trip just to compare notes and look at our daily budget. We also made a list last time of things we didn't need and things we want to bring next time. That came in handy! This kept me distracted about the plane, I am sure in the next few days it will all come back to me.

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