Sunday, January 30, 2011

24 hours away

Actually it's 19 hours away but who's counting..... We got our converter app set on the iphone, set our email "out of the country" reminders, printed the train schedule from Bangkok to Southern Thailand, set my watch to the proper time (S.E. Asia is 15 hours ahead) and confirmed hotel and pick up for the first night. Actually that is the only reservation we made, the rest we will figure out as we go. We got our pick up set from our house, arriving about 3 hours early to be safe and figured out a game plan so we can get on the time schedule. If we sleep right away on the plane (11:40am pacific time) we will wake up in the early hours and that way when we land in Thailand (11pm the next day) we will hopefully be able to sleep that night. My plan take my Theraflu night-time as soon as I get on the plane.

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