Monday, January 10, 2011

3 Weeks Out!

So today marks 3 weeks until we leave for the trip. We are so excited and so ready for another adventure! In fact I am so ready that I have already packed, well at least my first stage. I have three stages of packing the first is going through everything I want to bring, try it on and see what I need. Then I try to see if what I want to pack actually fits in my backpack. Now I know going into this that it never fits.... but it is always interesting to see if I can find a new packing technique that mysteriously lets me bring more. Stage two is about a week or so before and it is adding in whatever new stuff I got which means I need to eliminate some of the old. Stage three is a few days before and well it is the final stage, it's the realistic stage that for a five week trip I will only be able to take about 25% of what I originally packed. Good thing it will be hot!!

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