Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joshua Tree National Park NYE 2010

We left around 7:30am, with no traffic it only took like 2 hours. We stopped for breakfast, fyi there is only a Denny's and Carrow's in Yucca Valley right before you hit the park. We stopped at Denny's, the food was good but service was terrible!

We spent the day hiking and even had lunch on a group of rocks in the middle of nowhere over-looking the park. As the sun went down it got pretty cold so we headed to Palm Springs which was only about 30 minutes from there. We spent time in the pool and hot tub, then hit the downtown area for a Mexican dinner complete with margaritas. We headed back to the hotel to miss the craziness. Since we missed midnight last year in Nicaragua after a very long and draining travel day with a ferry (if that is what they call it) ride that had me praying for my life and as sick as a dog, we made it a point to be awake this time.   Not a bad way to end 2010.....

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