Sunday, December 7, 2014

First World Problems - Day Four

Eric and I consider ourselves pretty avid travelers, we have backpacked across Central America for four weeks and Southeast Asia for five along with our many other adventures. But what you tend to overlook when you have a child is that the "oh we'll just figure it out" attitude can only get you so far. We rented our house on VRBO and yes we knew some of the issues we were going to encounter and yes when the price is that good you should still ask yourself what is wrong with this place? You know the saying "if it's sounds too good to be true, it probably is" well I am starting to live my life by that. We are going through a mini debacle back at home with our current landlord and this vacation is what was keeping me sane before our crazy move. In the past moving from one place to another wouldn't be an issue but when you have a kid you have to be a little choosier with the place and the location, time is a factor and the amount of crap you have to bring doubles and packing and repacking is never fun. At the end of the day the plus side of staying on a small island is that most people just want to help you, we met some very nice people so far from all over the world, some that live her full time and everyone wants to see visitors enjoy their time here. I will get into where and how I met a couple of our new friends on another post but thanks to them Nick and Slone (our traveling companions) have a place that will get them through the next few days and we have a gorgeous place that may cost s little more than we planned to spend, but who could really put a price on being able to enjoy this beautiful island without the added stress and gold cart rides through the jungle and swamp and millions of mosquito bites, oh and a crocodile in your backyard. I have normally been the one that thinks the worst will happen but in the last couple months I truly believe people are good and things will work out and that the universe owes me big time.

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