Monday, December 8, 2014

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.... Day Five

While traveling in a tropical place you forget how laid back the dress code is. I have a tendency to over pack mainly because I try to prepare for all weather scenarios and I really like my "island" wear which I don't get to bust out as much these days even though I live in California. It never fails, you get here and pretty much wear the same thing over and over either because of comport or that it's durable enough to maintain the sweat, rain, sand and in my case food that gets tossed on me since there are not many restaurants with high chairs. I was proud of myself with the shoes, two pairs of flip flops and my Sketchers Go Walk slip on tennis shoes, which were a great choice by the way. Still most people walk around the island barefoot since it is all sand. Seriously it's all sand, there are no sidewalks which is why the woman who's house we originally rented basically laughed at me (via email) when I asked about bringing a stroller. At this point with our clothes a little dirt never hurt, neither does a little sweat. Pack light and go slow....

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