Saturday, December 6, 2014

Island Time - Day Two

When you enter any island destination you quickly learn about island time, I'm not talking about the zone or actually time just how quickly or in most cases slowly things are done. On island time it's whenever it gets done or whenever we get there. This is very tough for someone with OCD to make the switch to, especially when that person now has a toddler to attend to who pretty much lives his life on island time but it's Ben's island time. Our house is tucked away at the very far end of the island, "off the grid" is the term I believe is the term used to descried it. I specifically asked about walking into town and we were told it was doable but like most things island "doable" is a term loosely used to describe anything. Aside from the jungle alone we have to trek through not to mention the mosquitos, there was a major rain storm and all the paths (sand) are flooded. Last night it was pouring and our golf cart driver could barely make it through. There is also the time factor today Ben and I were suppose to be picked up between 10-10:30 and he got here at 11:45 with another couple who were going clearly out of there way to pick us up. While having a laid back mentality is good and is the point of vacation there still needs to be some kind of guide to follow, especially when we are forced to pay for a service we were totally mislead about. To be continued.....

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