Thursday, December 4, 2014

No Sleep til' Caye Caulker - Day One

Our evening started out like any other evening on Tuesday night at least that is what Ben thought. At about 9:30 pm I woke him up to put him in a car seat in the taxi, I thought maybe he would fall back asleep in the cab but I was wrong. This was a very exciting experience for him, the cab ride, the airport, the plane he was wide awake for all of it. He fall asleep briefly during the 4 1/2 hour first leg of our flight to Miami but of course I did not. He was awake the entire layover but was not happy, he didn't want to eat which is very unusual for him but he wasn't crying so I was fine with that. Luckily the flight from Miami to Belize City was only like 2 hours and we had an entire row this flight. He had a blast looking out the window and was very good on the flight. We arrived at the airport in Belize City, Belize at about 11:35am (Central time zone) considering we already went through Eastern time zone he was very mixed up on time so it really didn't matter. He fell asleep in the taxi on the way to the ferry dock which was great but we had to wake him up for the boat. Needless to say that did not make for a great ride but when we got to Caye Caulker he loved riding on the golf cart to get to out very secluded jungle home. It's not technically a jungle more swampy but a little more off the beaten path than we expected. It's about a 12 minute golf cart tax ride into town, yes there are no cars here only golf carts. We could probably hike it but with all the rain and no hiking shoes (oh and a toddler) it could be tricky, luckily they gave us a personal taxi driver (that charges $5 per person except for Ben). After we got situated and heard back to town for some food and supplies, Ben was his normal happy self. The people here are very friendly and love kids so Ben jumped right into making himself known. He was dancing with the waitresses at dinner and gave a hug to a man sitting in front of his restaurant where we will probably go for dinner tonight. Speaking of dinner, Rosie's was where we went, we visited this place when we were here 5 years ago and I remember the table of fresh caught seafood you got to choose. We got grouper filet and stone crab claws with rice, baked potato and garlic bread along with 2 Belikin beers each for a grand total of $60 American (including tip). Not a bad way to end a travel day.

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