Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 1 -Madrid The Arrival

Today we arrived in Madrid, Spain after an over night flight from New York. Well because of the 6 hour time difference it technically wasn't over night so our bodies thought it was 4 am. We landed at the Madrid Barajas International Airport at 10 am, my favorite thing after we land is the trip from the airport to our destination. I love pulling out of the airport and just seeing our surroundings, some familiar but mostly an entirely different culture passing you by. We took the express bus from the airport to Plaza de Cibeles just like the woman (Sofia) who rented us the apartment told us to do. 5 Euro each for the roughly 15 minute bus ride, definitely beats a 20-30 Euro taxi. After a short walk through the bustling neighborhood we found our new home (for the next week at least). The flat lives on the fourth floor of what seems to be a nineteenth century building complete with a doorman. The elevator is the size of a closet and I must say made me a little nervous, especially since Eric and I along with our belongings barely fit. We met Sofia, a very nice woman who also still carries an actual day planner around which I appreciate. The flat is white, I mean white floors, white linens, white cabinets, white..... Small but perfect for us, thankfully we are not that tall otherwise we would not fit in the bed. After we cleaned up we ventured out to explore the neighborhood, we stopped at our first authentic Spanish meal at Restarante Ciudad De Tui, I had salted ham and artichoke hearts and it was delicious! After lunch we stopped at a local bodega and picked up a few groceries and especially some wine. It was an early night since we were so exhausted but wanted to stay on schedule. We will be rested and ready for our first full day in Madrid tomorrow.

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