Saturday, November 3, 2012

First, The Big Move

Before we head to Spain in 17 days, actually before we head to Connecticut in 14 days we decided to move. Yes, we are leaving the downtown loft living to move back to suburbia. Well beach suburbia the South Bay, actually for the time being a storage unit in the South Bay. Confused yet? We decided to fully enjoy our 45 days in Spain aka the longest honeymoon ever, we would move now instead of when we returned in January to save money. The problem with that is we decided to do it the week of our first wedding. The ceremony was beautiful here in sunny California, then we heading to Detroit, Michigan 10 days later for our reception which was not as sunny but just as great! This weekend marks the beginning of the moving madness, although I got a small head start a couple weeks ago before Michigan this is the official move weekend! We have 12 days to get out, while preparing for our trip and Eric finishes his last 9 days on the show. Wish us luck!

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