Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 3- Madrid, The Walking Tour

Today we decided to see the city the best way you can see a city, by walking around. We walked through the streets and saw the everyday things that happen in the city. We saw protesters, the city workers had been on strike when we arrived so there was trash everywhere but the next day everyone was out cleaning up the city. These protesters we picketing outside what looked to be what we would call the board of education building. They were holding signs with a larger pair of scissors on them with a circle with a slash going through them (No cuts). We headed to Plaza Mayor which was where they used to have bullfights and larger ceremonies. The plaza was now covered with Christmas decorations so we didn't get the same feeling we would have a week ago but it was still cool to stand in a spot where people were
potentially beheaded once. Near there is where we found what I may remember to be one of my favorite places, Chocolateria de San Gires where we had a plate of churros and a heaping mug of pure chocolate purely for dipping. It is a must if you go to Madrid! Next was the Plaza de la Oriente and the Royal Palace. The royal family does not live here anymore apparently it was way too lavish for them. I mean it only has like 2400 rooms. There are an exorbitant amount of public squares in Madrid which has your typical public square feel, street vendors, pick pockets, lots of people and your run-of-the-mill street performers. Living in Los Angeles this really didn't faze me but I can see how it could freak some people out. I personally like the fat Spiderman. No, I am not being mean he was the fat Spiderman, he even had a matching doll.

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  1. Wish we were there with you, you guys sure know how to travel.! Uncle Rick & I are enjoying your updates!