Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 4- Observations

Today got off to a very late start, we planned on a late night so we needed to sleep in to adjust. Our goal from now on is to order only in Spanish, first attempt was what I thought to be a pastry, come to find out it was filled with tuna. While it was pretty good it's just not what you expect to taste with your morning coffee. Live and learn they say, now I know "atun" is tuna. Espresso is always espresso and all
the doors push to open. Also the men here carry European carry-alls, every woman wears tights and there are quite a few female police officers. We even saw a female taxi driver, I think that was my first ever. After a phenomenal dinner at A Dos Velas, that consisted of duck confiet and goat cheese and spinach risotto we headed to see some live Spanish jazz. Berlin Cafe a 1950's jazz club that only showcases classic jazz. It also served one of the best and definitely the largest gin and tonics I have ever had complete with fresh cucumber.

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