Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 9- Move Over Breakfast Burrito

San Sebastian is considered Spain's culinary capital. It is said to have the best food around and is especially known for it's pintxos. A pintxo is basically the Basque word for tapas or for the even more American version, appetizers. When you go into cafe's or bars and restaurants most places have a variety of pintxos set up all over the bar. You go in, take what you want then tell them at the end what you had. It is the honor system here, in most places that is. It is one of those things that you have to go into a place and observe what other people do first. We were slightly confused at first, they do have menus you can order off of as well but the times they serve from the menu are limited. Breakfast is served earlier here than in Madrid and ends earlier, lunch starts around 11am unless it's a restaurant not a cafe' then they don't serve until 1pm, kitchens close around 4pm unless they have pintxos left on the bar and dinner starts around 8pm. Got it? Whatever time of day, wherever you go the food is amazing. My first dinner was a spanish omelette, I know daring right? It was like a quiche with eggs and potatoes served as a sandwich on a fresh baked baguette. Even the simplest of things had that extra special touch to it that made you feel like they just went out of their way to make it for you.

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