Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 12- Hello Barcelona

We embarked on another early morning train ride from San Sebastian to Barcelona. We arrived at the city right at the metro station, just a hint of advice Spain if you have escalators going up you should have them going down, just saying.... We arose from the street to see one of the more famous architectural aspects of the city Casa Batllo', it looks as if Tim Burton modeled his claymations from Nightmare Before Christmas from this building. We will visit it another time but it was cool to know we were right in the heart of things. Our place was only about 2 blocks away. We arrived at the building and met Philippe, who I think is French but Eric thinks he is Belgian, he previously worked in the film industry (not sure doing what) and went to NYU in the early eighties. He said things like "bada bi bada bo" and used other sound effects while describing things, he told us where the "how you say kinky" part of the city was, "where the whores are". The place was great, nicely decorated and located on the top of the building, the penthouse complete with our own balcony over looking the city. A couple observations I have noticed in this country, people never have elevators that go all the way up and all the doors lock from the inside. We really need to make sure our keys are by the door in case of a fire since this will be home for the next month.

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