Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 17- Finding my way

No matter how much you prepare yourself there are still certain times when you just look like a "stupid American". I couldn't get into my Catalan cooking class until next Saturday which includes a trip to the market to teach you what to buy and how to order it, but I couldn't wait to start cooking. I have been looking for the perfect cookbook and researching certain recipes, while it may not necessarily be all Spanish I came up with a great menu. Rosemary Lamb Chops, Spicy Chickpeas, Salad with homemade Lemon Vinaigrette and Herb Ricotta Bruschetta. Some of this is from the Barefoot Contessa, The Cooking Channel is one of few English speaking channels we get thanks to British television. This menu mainly consisted of ingredients I could pick up from the market, so naturally I studied up on what I needed including all the spices. What I forgot to check is how to say lamb in Spanish. Did you know most meat looks the same in it's raw form? The first place I got up the courage to ask she literally showed me a full lamb, yes just like the one Mary had. I was about to give up, I finally found a butcher that had pictures next to the meat but that just made it worse. The best part of the market is there are a ton of options, so right before I was about to throw in the towel I found a butcher that had what I recognized to be lamb chops. He also spoke English so that helped..... After that we went to the chickpea lady, the olive lady (my personal favorite), the spice lady and the produce man. On our way home we stopped at the bakery and picked up a loaf of freshly made bread. All for under 20 Euro.....

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