Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 15- Alone Day

Today Eric and I decided to have an alone day. Not that we are getting sick of each other but I wanted to shop and he wanted to venture off to check out the docks and take some day time pictures. Every couple needs their alone time, especially when you are traveling together for days on end. After a few days of getting to know the neighborhood we were ready. Our specific neighborhood is called L'Eixample it is known to have the city's most expensive shops, hotels and eateries. So naturally I need to look else where for my kind of shops. Mission accomplished, I discovered "Muy Mucho" which is the Spanish equivalent to if Pier One merged with the 99 cent store. Tiger, which has various gadgets and body products and Mango, which is very similar to H&M. There is also a place called Sabone, apparently it is a company out of Isreal that makes amazing bath products known for their body scrubs. The sales lady there spoke pretty good English and had me try a sample in their large tub located in the back of the store. I have to say it felt as if I just had a manicure, so even though it is a little pricey I am taking some home. She did say that it is quite potent so you only need to use it every other week, sold! So what did I end up with you ask? For a mere 20 euro total for the day I got eucalyptus body scrub, what I thought was aloe shower gel but ended up being just aloe vera gel and 2 fancy bars of soap, yes I have missed my bath products. I also stopped at an amazing candy store for a mixed bag of chocolates, some containers for the spices I plan to buy at the farmers market on my next trip and the best purchase of all our Barcelona Christmas tree.

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