Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 32- A week not being a tourist

So one week has passed and I didn't write, well that's not entirely true I wrote but just not on the blog. After Paris we decided to slow down a bit, to save money but mainly just to live like a local. I wrote a post a while back about being a tourist and for days in all the places we visited we were definitely tourists but this is where that difference between vacation and traveling comes into play. We quite a few things on our list to do and see in Barcelona and the surrounding areas which could keep us busy everyday but that is how you burn out on a trip. You know when people start using the term "I need a vacation from my vacation". We decided to stay in more, eat at home and save the small trips outside the city for next time. This is the key when you are traveling for more than a couple weeks. I keep a journal for everyday of the trip that budgets what we spend, I have done this for all our trips. When you start seeing a spike in your daily spending (Paris) then you know it is time to make up the average for the week by not spending for a few days. Simple math! I also jot down notes about what we packed that is not needed, stuff we can pick up along the way and stuff we also need because you can't find it anywhere. Hitting the grocery store for the week saves a lot of money, not to mention, dare I say it..... Sometimes you just get sick of going out to eat.

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