Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 34- A quiet day in the neighborhood

It is December 26 the day after Christmas and from what I read about Spain since they celebrate their big holiday January 5th I assumed it would be business as usual. Not so much, there is more closed today than there has been the last two days. It is crazy how quiet it is on the streets and all those who are out and about are tourists. We did our semi-traditional Christmas eve dinner of calcots and romesco sauce, spicy chickpeas, salad and a black sausage and rice dish similar to paella but not really (same, same but different). Dinner overall turned out pretty good but we opted out of joining the people at the bars or attending midnight mass. Yesterday (Christmas Day) we stayed in most of the day, then headed out for dinner early evening. Again mainly tourists at the restaurant but we were happy places were open. Today I looked forward to hitting the shops, in true American fashion I thought maybe there would be some sales but I was wrong. I guess consumerism is not as popular here, taking a break and spending time with the family is. Strange concept.....

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