Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 35- Television Abroad

Since we have been laying low so to speak the last couple weeks we have been watching a bit more television. We have satellite television but mainly watch British channels. Sure there is CNN which we watched a lot during the school shooting but after a while it was more and more depressing so I won't even turn it on now. There is a channel that airs a few shows on what us Americans know as CBS, I can tell you that The Big Bang Theory is on almost all the time. I do love the commercials, especially the ones about drunk driving or rape. They are so in your face, they really make an impact. Leave it to the Brits to figure that out. There are a couple movie channels as well but they show the most random films. One day The Untouchables is on and right after it's Final Destination 3, then Die Hard followed by Jennifer's Body. It's like a game of movie roulette. Tonight Ghost.

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