Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 18- Being a Tourist

Whenever you visit a place there are a certain number of touristy things you need to do. So we spent the next two days "being a tourist", we started with visiting the Christopher Columbus monument, then it was off to Museu Maritim (or what I refer to as more boat history). Clearly this was not my choice but once you learn the history of the building and it's surroundings it is pretty cool, what wasn't cool was the fact that they are currently restoring the museum so most of it was closed. We did get to see part of what was the Royal Shipyard that was built in the 13th century. Note to self check museum websites before visiting, also this is free on Sunday after 3pm which we missed as well. The next day we visited Museu Picasso (who I have to admit I thought was Italian), this is the most visited museum in Barcelona. This is also free on Sunday after 3pm which apparently everyone knew, luckily we were not in any rush and the wait was not bad. Either way it was worth it, just to see that big of a collection of Picasso's under one roof. I mean I stood in a room that was all paintings of his blue period. Tomorrow we plan to keep this tourist thing going when we head to Paris for a few days, let's just hope we don't keep the "stupid American" thing going.

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